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May 2017

6 Tips to Make to your Office Fasting-Friendly

Here are a few tips to make your workplace fasting-friendly, this Ramadan While Ramadan marks a special time of self-discipline and personal and religious reflection for Muslims around the world, many business owners are faced with a unique set of…

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8 fasting tips for non-Muslims

You can also fast along with the Muslim colleagues during Ramadan Ramadan is an opportunity for non-Muslims to try out fasting and learn more about the way Muslims live during this month. Many expats, particularly those who live in the UAE…

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21 emotional stages of moving to a new apartment in Dubai

Panic: what on Earth are “white goods”? 1. Denial  You know it’s time to move but you keep kidding yourself. You’ve been in a temporary apartment/flat share/studio in the middle of nowhere for too long and you’re tired of saying it’s…

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The world’s first Robocop has officially joined Dubai Police

He fights crime, he speaks six languages, he’s really good at doing The Robot… meet Dubai Police’s newest recruit. The world’s first operational robot policeman has officially joined the line of duty. After months of anticipation, Dubai Police this week formally inducted…

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Ramadan 2017: All you need to know

It’s Ramadan again and here’s our guide to everything you should know about this month What is Ramadan all about? Ramadan is regarded as the holiest month of the year for Muslims as it was the month in which the…

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5 Colour Blocking Home Décor Ideas

Bye gloomy interiors and hello beautiful, gorgeous bright colors! We don’t know about you but we’re absolutely loving the color blocking trend in interior design. If you don’t know what color blocking is; it basically consists of combining solid colors put…

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10 resolutions for Ramadan 2017

Ramadan is about being a good human being; carry it forward through your Eid resolutions Ramadan inspires us to be better people and better human beings in various ways. Charity, kindness, and self-restraint are focused on during Ramadan and it…

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