3D Printed House Success is pushing new frontiers in Architecture in SHARJAH

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In 2016, Dubai launched the most ambitious project “Office of the Future” the most advanced 3D printed building which created a new wave in architecture designing.  Now, Sharjah has taken the challenge to build the entire house 3D printed with state-of-the art technology. Sharjah is aiming to establish as a preferred destination for future architecture like its counterpart Dubai.
How to 3D-print an office
A 3D-printer measuring 6 metres in height, 36 metres in length and 12 metres in width was used. It took only 17 days to print and was installed on site in two days, significantly faster compared to traditional construction methods. The process required one person to monitor the printer’s functioning, seven people to install the building components, as well as a team of ten electricians and specialists to take care of the mechanical and electrical engineering. The entire cost of the project was only 140,000 dollars: the technique cut both building and labour costs by 50 per cent compared to conventional buildings of similar size, according to Reuters. These savings translate into enhanced productivity, higher economic returns and increased sustainability if invested conscientiously.

Sharjah’s first 3D printed house could be ready by the third quarter of this year at the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park). SRTI Park has announced that it has attracted the attention of several international companies that specialise in the construction of buildings with 3D Printing techniques. The project is as a result of triple helix collaboration of government, private, and academia, where CyBe Construction, a Dutch organisation, has been selected as the technology provider to build the 3D house in SRTI Park. The American University of Sharjah (AUS) will support in research and talent. group of students from the Faculty of Engineering at AUS will get hands-on training on this technique.


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