Best Beautiful Public Beaches in Dubai – UAE

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Whether you’re looking for a short break in the sun or a family beach holiday, Dubai’s beaches hold the key. Jump in and out of the crystal clear waters on Kite Beach, snap a selfie in front of Burj Al Arab or enjoy being pampered at one of Dubai’s new beach districts. Sun, sand, blue skies and even bluer water – find the perfect beach for you – and enjoy Dubai as the perfect destination for holidays in the sun.

La Mer: Don’t think of how much you’re going to spend, because we got you one of the perfect free beaches in Dubai. If you want to relax, eat, play and have fun, we promise you the perfect day at the sea.
Dubai’ s newest beachside destination has a lot to offer. From exceptional restaurants and cafes, standout boutiques to shop at and an outdoor trampoline park for little ones, it’ s easy to spend the entire day here. Choose from the North Beach or South Beach, which each have colourful shower cabins adding to the seafresh theme of the precinct. There are plenty of watersports to try too, including wakeboarding, flyboarding and kayaking.
Activities: Hire colorful cabanas, Trampoline playground for kids, Laguna Waterpark with 5 waterslides, Lazy River ride, Water hammock.
(Sur La Mer Properties)

Sunset Beach: For the quintessential “holding up the Burj Al Arab” photograph, this spot will get you the best side of Dubai’s iconic hotel. The free beach is a perpetual hive of activity and one of the emirate’s most beautiful stretches of sand. Also known as Umm Suqeim Beach, head to nearby Surf House Dubai to rent a board and discuss surf conditions over a coffee.

The Beach by JBR: The Beach, opposite The Walk promenade at Jumeirah Beach Residences, boasts its juice bars, burger joints and fashionable boutiques and the fanciest cars in town. Pick up an inflatable pool lounge before heading to the water or simply float out and take on the Dubai Aqua Park, an inflatable waterpark. This beach is one of our favourites for families too – with watersports, banana boating, camel rides and more. Perfect for a beach holiday.

Kite Beach: Are you looking for the best beach to visit in Dubai? Blemishless colors, sea smell, white sand, and gorgeous views, can all be found in one of the best beaches in Dubai, Kite Beach. It is considered Dubai’s favorite beach because of its space, qualities and the number of activities one can do there.
If the name didn’t already give it away, Dubai’s sportiest beach is a favourite with kite surfers. Get here for a spot of beach volleyball or try your balance at stand-up paddle-boarding and kayaking. There are plenty of non-aqua activities, including a skatepark, an outdoor trampoline and a toddler-friendly area. This is a top spot for a family beach holiday. Post-swim, make your way to one of the many beach canteens. We recommend the famous Salt, a food cart style café serving up some of the best beef sliders in the city.

Al Mamzar Beach Park: You came here to find the best public beaches in Dubai, so we will make it easy for you. Al Mamzar Beach Park is an amazing choice if you’re looking for top beaches in Dubai. It is located between Dubai and Sharjah, so if you want to spend the day with no hassle, it is better to wake up as early as you can to avoid traffic and enjoy the beach in the morning. There is also this amazing peculiarity of being one of the ladies only beaches in Dubai on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Black Palace Beach: Known as Black Palace Beach thanks to its locations next to one of Dubai’ s royal residences, this drive-up spot may be hard to find, but it offers the calmest waters and most stunning sunsets in the city. Follow the pathway to discover an untouched shoreline, featuring views of Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab in the distance. While there are no facilities at this beach, it’ s a great place to escape the bustle of the city.

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