Many of tenants in Dubai are demanding 12 cheque rental policy

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Here’s a detail that landlords in the city should take note of – tenants are willing to pay slightly higher rents if they’re allowed twelve cheque. In fact, thirty-four per cent of respondents during a new survey reckoned they wouldn’t mind paying five per cent additional if the 12-cheque formula is employed.


As many as forty-five per cent said they prefer to pay via more instalments instead of the only one or four-cheque regime that almost all landlords follow here. in the recent past, landlords are a lot of willing to offer multiple cheque in a bid to urge their properties filled, however someone providing a 12-cheque facility remains a definite minority.

“Dubai’s renters have suffered for too long, with the lack of price negotiations, the monetary burden of 1 or 2 cheque and mismatches between photos and the property publicized,” said Rashid Al Ghurair, CEO of CAFU. “Renters are crying out for modification.”

His company had commissioned the study on what tenants in city were facing and what their hopes for modification.


Being restricted to fewer cheque payments and inaccurate listings were some of their main grievances, as per the study. Over a 3rd of respondents asked for more clear price negotiations, and to implement a 12 payment system.

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